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 Welcome to Our Hospital!

After Hours Emergency Care
After-hours veterinay care for dogs, cats, exotic animals.

After-hours (Emergency) Care


If you have an emergency, please call the Huronia Emergency Clinic in Barrie at (705) 722-0377 

Urgent Concern: 

Please call 705-384-0400 to speak to a triage nurse.

If you have a concern - or you are not sure if it is an emergency - you can speak to an RVT that will triage your case.

If it is a critical case, the RVT will  help transfer your case to the Huronia Emergency Clinic in Barrie, and send all relevant information to the ER team.

For non-critical cases, the RVT will give advice or recommend a virtual consultation with one of their online veterinarians. who can - if necessary - prescribe treatments that can be picked up at your local pharmacy. 

There is a $135.00 charge for consulting with an online veterinarian, and if medication is prescribed, there will be an additional fee from your local pharmacy for medication dispensed.

In all cases, our hospital will receive a report that can be attached to the medical history of your pet.

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Our Mission Statement

Everything we do, we do with passion, kindness, and with uncompromising standards. From our surgical equipment, to our team training, to the way we treat you and your pet. We do things the way we would like our own pets and ourselves to be treated, because we believe you deserve to feel, in your gut, that your are doing right by your pet and your family. That the team and  hospital that is caring for your pet is truly the best place to be, so that you don't have to worry quite so much about your pet's health. Our team strives to be the "comforting warm blanket" when you and your pet need one.

In order to do that, we need a special kind of team, and that's exactly what you will find here. Our veterinary team is a blend of veterinarians and registered veterinary nurses that each have many years of experience; a team that is focused on providing the best care possible for your pet while treating them with patience and gentleness. 

Never be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help you make the best, informed, health care decisions for your pet and their lifestyle.

Welcome to Verzijlenberg Veterinary Hospital, where you and your pet always come first.

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Veterinary Emergency Surgery and Treatment
Fluorescent Light Therapy
Digital Radiographs
In-Clinic Diagnostic Lab
Veterinarian with Dog
Elective and Emergency
Surgeries For Dogs, Cats
Annual Wellness Care
Dental Care
Farm Animal Veterinary
Veterinary ultrasound services
In-clinic Ultrasound Diagnostics Available
Our Hospital is AAHA and CVO Accredited
AAHA Accredited for Student Mentorship
AAHA accredited veterinary hospital
Guelph University, Ontario Veterinary College
4th. Year Externstudents (2 Months)

Every summer, our hospital hosts final-year students from the OVC Veterinary program at Guelph University for a two month externship. If you would like to apply, please submit your resume to attention Els, hospital manager

Helen (2023)

Sydney (summer of 2022)

Tracy (spring of 2022)

Caitlin (summer of 2021)

Mei-Hua (spring of 2021)

Alicia (summer of 2020)

James (summer of 2020)
Yuqing (spring of 2020)
​Alexsis (spring of 2019)
Amy (summer of 2018)
Goldia (spring of 2018)
Lily (summer of 2017)
Rita (spring of 2017)
Amanda (summer of 2016)
Daniel (spring of 2016)
Natacha (summer of 2014)
Patrick (spring of 2014)
Michelle (spring of 2014) 
Marie (spring of 2013)
Paige (spring of  2012)

London, United Kingdom
Royal Veterinary College (2 Weeks)


Matteo (February/March 2025)

Guelph University, Ontario Veterinary College
Final Year, Rotation Students (2 Weeks)

Throughout the year, our hospital hosts students from  the OVC veterinary program at Guelph University for a two week external rotation. If you would like to apply, please submit your resume to attention Els, hospital manager.

Morganna (September 2021)

Kylie (March 2018)

Lily (September 2017)

Guelph University, Ridgetown Campus
Veterinary Technology Program, RVT (6 Weeks)


Chase (summer 2024)

Emma (summer 2023)

Georgian College, Orillia Campus
Veterinary Technology Program, RVT (6 Weeks)


Kate (summer 2024)

Laura (summer 2023)

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Contact Us

4 John Street, Sundridge, ON


P0A 1Z0, Canada

(705) 384-0400

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