Our spacious reception offers two separate waiting areas so pets do not need to sit right next to each other. For your convenience, there is a coffee corner as well as a kid's corner.


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Examination Room 1

For general examinations and vaccinations of dogs, birds, reptiles, rodents or any other type of animal you may possess 

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Exam Room 2 For Cats Only

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Exam Room 3 For Large Dogs

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Treatment Area


The treatment area is the hub of the hospital and has both a wet, and a dry table  for general treatments and surgery preparation. Medications, oxygen, anesthetic machines, incubator, radiology, scope cart, and emergency products are all nearby for efficient use..

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Surgery Room

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Special HEPA filters clean the air and the surgery room is kept slightly pressurized in relation to the rest of the hospital in order to prevent bacteria or contaminants to drift into the surgery room.  Specialized equipment includes ventilator, and multi-parameter monitor including ECG.

Electricity support for all monitoring, anesthetic machines, lighting, and oxygen is set up on an emergency back-up system.

Dental Area

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Sleeping Cat



Dental Radiography

General Radiography

Lab and Pharmacy

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Cat Ward

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Dog Ward

Contains 4 dog runs and 8 kennels ranging from small to large. All floors have radiant heating, so it will keep our patients comfortably warm while staying with us. 
Attached to the dog ward is a fenced-in area so dogs may be taken outside for some fresh air and have a bit of a walk.

Comfort Room

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Outdoor Dog Run and Paddock