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Phovia Light Therapy

Phovia is a non-invasive therapy that is based on Fluorescent Light energy. Combined with the Phovia chromophore gel, the multiple wavelengths of light from the Phovia Unit cause different effects within multiple layers of the skin. 

Clinical studies have shown that it can speed  healing time by 50%. This can reduce not only the length of discomfort for your pet but also the length of time other medications are needed - for example, systemic antibiotics.


The PHOVIA® chromophores release Fluorescent Light Energy at multiple wavelengths, addressing simultaneously different layers of the skin to support the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms.

Light Therapy for skin disorders, anal gland problems.

Light Therapy, How Often?

Protocols will be tailored to the individual patient based on your veterinarian's recommendation. Most of the time protocols will consist of a back-to-back treatment

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