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     After Hours Online Consultation

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If you have an emergency, please call

Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Barrie at 705-722-0377

Urgent Concern: please call 647 695 5411 

If you have a concern - or you are not sure if it is an emergency - you can speak to an RVT that will triage your case and can transfer you to a veterinarian for a telemedicine consultation; or if an immediate transfer is necessary, can refer to an emergency hospital.

If it is a critical case, the RVT will take history, help transfer your case to the Huronia Emergency Clinic in Barrie, and send all relevant information to the ER team.

For non-critical cases, the RVT will take history and recommend a virtual consultation with one of their online veterinarians. who can, if necessary, prescribe treatments that can be picked up at your local pharmacy. There is a $135.00 charge for consulting with an online veterinarian, and if medication is prescribed, there will be an additional fee from your local pharmacy for medication dispensed.

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